The Simple Benefits of Shutters

kitchen shutters

This past summer we remodeled our kitchen.  I was stuck between blinds and shutters and I took the plunge and went for shutters and I am so glad that I did.  My kitchen shutters “make” my kitchen!

When it comes to window coverings, there are three basic types: blinds, curtains, and shutters. Many people have their own preferences when it comes to what type of window covering they choose, but it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each option to decide what truly works best for the room you’re thinking about decorating. We’ll take a closer look at shutters and see just why people love them and what sort of benefits they have over other options.

Block the Heat But Keep the Fresh Air

Everyone loves fresh air, but some may opt to keep their windows closed so as not to heat up the house with excessive amounts of sunshine. Using shutters are excellent when it comes to allowing air to pass through just fine while still blocking out the majority of those UV rays.


If you live next to a street, you probably already have a mind for keeping out prying eyes. This is where shutters come in and excel.

Curb Appeal

Another great thing about custom shutters is how easily they make your home look better. A nice stained wood or solid color is going to look a lot better than cheap plastic blinds or curtains with sun bleached colors. While they aren’t all that expensive, they tend to look much better than other options for window coverings. This can do great things when it comes to the value of your home.


One of the things that make a lot of people decide to forgo shutters is the thought that they can be difficult to install. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Shutters are oftentimes significantly easier to install than other window coverings like blinds or curtains.


One of the greatest things about shutters is how long they last. They’re often made out of sturdy materials like wood that can last for a long time before needing a replacement. While they do require some maintenance, they are generally very easy to clean. Where curtains may need a nice deep cleaning and washing machine treatment to remove deep stains, most custom shutters can be taken care of easily with a basic furniture polish wipe down.


Another bonus when it comes to shutters is that they are much healthier to have than anything else. Curtains are hotbeds when it comes to holding dust and mold spores. They often require deep cleaning to really decontaminate them. With shutters, all you need to do is wipe them down in order to get them clean. There’s nothing for unhealthy substances to really soak into.

They’re Durable

If you have any pets, particularly cats, you know that curtains can easily get covered in fur or even scratch marks. Shutters are fantastic to have when it comes to small animals and even children due to how sturdy their construction is.

Bio –

This guest post contribution was made by Proctor Drapery and Blinds of St. Louis. Proctor D & B has over 40 years of experience in window treatments and regularly works with shutters and drapes for their clientele.

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