Tackle Large Amounts Of Dirty Laundry



Summer is going to be here before we know it. That means the kids will be out of school and most likely running around your house keeping it nice and messy for you! That also means your laundry loads will probably double in size. Kids like to play outside, change their outfits, play inside, change again and then once again head outside and change before bed. As a parent myself, I tend to slack on the laundry. I do not mind doing laundry, but it is not on the top of my “things I love to do all the time” list.

The best piece of advice I can give about doing laundry is to just do it. Do not put it off another day because another day turns into 3 days and 3 days turns into a week! The first thing I suggest is sorting your dirty laundry into different load piles. Do you wash all undergarments and socks together? If so, start that pile. Start another pile of pants/jeans and another pile for tops. OR you can sort them by family member; it is all preference at this point.

After you have sorted your laundry, start your first load. As soon as you start your load, start a timer on your phone. Set it for the amount of time your washer will run. As soon as your timer goes off, move the wet clothes into the dryer and start a new load with a new alarm. If you stick to your alarms and continue your laundry loads as soon as your alarms go off, your laundry will be done before you know it. Setting a schedule for yourself keeps you on task and accountable. I absolutely hate making a to-do list and ignoring it – alarms help to prevent that!

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