Texas Rain Is Back In Our Area


Earlier this week, the kids missed two days of school due to flooding.  We only experienced rain for the beginning of the first non-school day, then it cleared up our way.  We are very lucky to live in this area as it is not one that is affected by flooding.  The school system sent the kids back to school yesterday and now today, the raining has started again.  The rain is steady with thunder and lightening as well.

I know the kids are at school right now just hoping that the school will dismiss them early.  Both boys really enjoyed their time off from school, as can be expected, so I made sure to talk to them about the families who lost their homes and lost family members due to this storm.  I told them that it is ok to enjoy the time off, but they must also be aware of what the rain and flooding means to those who live in the areas that were affected by the flood.  We also spent some time watching the news so the kids could see the stalled out cars in the water as well as the people who were being evacuated from their homes.

Travis will be driving soon, so we used this time to point out why it is so important not to drive through flooded areas and what can happen if you decide to take that chance and do it anyway.  Life is too precious to take any chances that could have been avoided.  Our news channel points out this message, “Turn around, don’t drown.”  I think that is a great message that is easy to remember.  I hope people heed that message today and stay away from the flooded areas as the rainfall increases.

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