Therafit Shoe #Giveaway ENDS 5/16

I received the following pair of shoes from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone.
Therafit flowers collage

It’s time for another Therafit Shoe giveaway on the mom blog!  I am always thrilled to review a pair of their shoes because they feel so good on my feet.  As some of you may know, I had major knee surgery a few years ago and I am VERY picky about the shoes that I wear since comfort is a BIG must for me. Once I slip my feet into my shoes I can tell whether or not they are a “GO” for me and Therafit always comes through!  The shoes you see above are from The Ginger line and are navy in color selection.  I especially love the gray laces!

Therafit flower shoes

Here’s a shot of the great therafit bag and the shoes as they looked as I opened the Therafit box.  I wear a size 10 and these shoes were true to size and fit like a charm.

Therafit flower shoes 2

Here’s a close up of these new Therafit shoes.  I love the coloring and am now claiming them as my new trail walking shoes.  It’s very important to update your shoes every few months depending on how much wear you are putting on them.  Keeping your feet in comfortable shoes is a huge must.  Once you see that your shoes have aquired too much wear and tear, it’s time to start looking for another pair.  My teen is very active in basketball and needs new shoes every three months.  Based on my amount of activity, I can wear my workout shoes for six months before it is time for a new pair.  It is also a great idea to have shoes for everyday wear, as well as shoes dedicated to exercise only.

Therafit Flower Shoes 3

Check out the comfort adapters in the Therafit shoes.  There are three of these in each shoe which can be removed to adjust the amount of shock that is absorbed by your feet in each shoe.  The three shoe adapter rods are made to modify impact resistance, strike force, cushioning level, heel angle and foot positioning.  For me, I like a “bouncy” step so I prefer to leave all three adapters inside my shoes.  The adapters make personalizing your shoes a “snap!”  You can wear just one, two of them or all three like I do, it’s different for everyone, so it’s definitely time for you to test these shoes out for yourself!


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One lucky US resident will be randomly drawn to win a pair of shoes from The Ginger Line as I reviewed in the above post.  Hop aboard the giveaway form and enter your entries.  Be sure to come back daily to tweet out the giveaway in order to rack up extra entries – good luck!

37 thoughts on “Therafit Shoe #Giveaway ENDS 5/16”

  1. I would keep these for myself. I have just started walking again and could use a pair of good, comfortable shoes.

  2. If I win, these shoes would be for me! I don’t think my husband or three boys would wear them:)

  3. These would be for me. I’d use them as everyday shoes. I live in sneakers and I look for pairs with great support. Thanks so much.

  4. they would go to me for mom’s day!!! i have not had a pair of shoes new in 3 years!! my kids get everything lol

  5. If I won I would keep them for me, I need a good walking shoe. I love all the colors and styles!

  6. These would be for my Mom. She has a foot/leg injury & needs a really good walking shoe! Plus, these are really pretty.

  7. The shoes would be for me.
    I would wear them for everyday – they look so comfy!
    thank you

  8. If I win I plan on keeping them for myself. I will use them as everyday shoes and some walking.

  9. Kathy Women’s Slip Resistant Leather Athletic Shoe are my favorite shoes for my wife and I would give them to her. She would take walks with me and in the park.

  10. For their “Ginger” sneaker, I would get the same print that you got, as I think it’s really cute. Otherwise, I like the Candy Women’s Mesh Shoe in Tan.

  11. I’m not sure who would get this shoe, as both my mom and I have problems with our feet and either knee or back. Regardless, it would probably be used as our go-to shoe for running errands or just being out and about.

  12. Melodye Morrison

    I would be selfish and use them myself I am a nurse on my feet all day and comfort and support is a MUST

  13. I would keep them for myself and most likely would wear them to the gym. I have also had knee surgery so I know what you mean about being picky about shoes!

  14. I would get these and use them for not only every day use, but walking as well. I have arthritis in my right hip (stemming from an accident over 10 years ago) and so I need a better pair of shoes than the worn ones I have right now,

  15. I f I were to win they would be for me. I need a good pair of walking shoes and these would be perfect..

  16. These would be for me 🙂 I need a good pair of comfortable sandals for daily wear in the summer! I always have problems finding a supportive sandal that doesnt make my feet hurt. We are on the go a LOT in Spring/Summer and it would be nice to not have to wear my sneakers all the time 🙂

  17. I would choose a pair of shoes for myself for everyday use as I have a lot of trouble with my feet and need a good pair of shoes.

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