Convert Your Jeans To Shorts…


Are you ready to convert your favorite jeans to shorts for the summer weather? I know, cutting up your favorite jeans does not sound very pleasant. However, just imagine how spectacular they would look as shorts when you go to the lake or the park! If you are wanting to hold on to your jeans for the next cool season, go to the thrift store and grab some cool pants that you would not mind cutting up and turning into something new.

I would love to find some pants that are “out of style” filled with crazy stitching and some “bling” around the pockets. They would make a great conversation starter AND you can say that you made them! How cool? Do you have your jeans picked out? Great! Next, grab some scissors. Put the jeans on and take a fabric marker and mark about 2 inches past how short you want them. Once you cut your jeans, you may want to just fold the ends up into a cuff or you can hem the edges so they do not fray after they have been worn a few times. You can also do the same thing with old jeans, but turn them into capris. Capris are great for those hot days where you do not want to get a sun burn, but you do not want to wear full-length pants either.

If you are wanting to get really creative with some old jeans, make a purse! These are extremely easy to make. There is a great tutorial here. Have you ever done something creative with an old pair of jeans? If so, please share with us! I am always interested in seeing how my readers recycle their old clothing – you may just make it on the blog!

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