Creek Fishing After The Rain

Bobby fishing

Yesterday it poured down rain, but Bobby still wanted to spend time at the creek with his fishing pole in hopes of catching a few fish.  We got the bug repellent sprayed on him, he grabbed his tackle box and his pole and we headed off to the creek.

Bobby Bass Creek

Sure enough, he caught a few fish with this being the biggest catch of the afternoon!  Bobby was so excited and happy that I had my camera with me to get this picture for him.  He loves to show his fishing buddies the pictures from his fishing trips.

Bobby Bass foot measure

Check it out, this was the best way of measuring this fish.  I was wearing my teenage son’s size 11 flip flops.  It was a great catch for the greenbelt creek for Bobby.  I’m sure he’ll be back there again today, trying to catch another large bass.  For Bobby, any catch is exciting, but it’s even better when it is a bass.  He used to have worms waiting for him in the garage fridge but since the Easter Bunny brought him the tackle box and so many lures, jigs, etc, he doesn’t see any need for keeping earthworms stocked in the fridge.

When is the last time you have went fishing or taken a child with you on one of these trips?  Both of my boys went fishing at a young age and it turned out to be a huge love for our youngest.  The older child likes fishing if he catches fish, but if he doesn’t he’d rather spend his time doing other things.  As for Bobby, fishing is a stress reliever, just being able to have his pole baited and in the water is good enough for him.

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