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What makes your customer service stand out from all the other businesses in your respective industry? In many cases, the answer to that question is the customer service. Yes, while your products and/or services you provide may be second to none, customers (at least the majority of them) appreciate the fact that companies go out of the way for them.

Whether it is the added touch or just letting them know you truly appreciate their business, giving customers a nice feeling when they finish a purchase with you should be one of the goals you always strive for. With that being the case, are you truly giving moms and others the best customer service possible?

Being on Time Truly Does Matter

It really does not matter whether you run a bakery, clothing shop, hair salon, doctor’s office or any number of other businesses. One of the biggest pet peeves among customers is when business owners are not on time. Flip that scenario around for a moment and think about how peeved you might become if a customer or customers show up late for an appointment. It just takes one or a handful of such late arrivals to throw your schedule off for hours or even the entire day. So, how do you go about making sure that not only your customer service is what it should be, but also make sure clients are as responsible as possible? For many business owners, timing is everything.

For example, when running a salon, having a worthwhile salon appointment book can do wonders for your business. To start with, such a book allows you to know your daily schedule right up to quitting time. Sure, some customers may be running a little late or have to cancel altogether for one reason or another, but an organized book helps keep the day churning along. Such a book also allows you to email or text customers a reminder message, helping to make sure they do not forget they have scheduled time with you on a certain day of the week.

Another reason to want to be sure the appointments roll in one after another is your day likely has peaks and valleys in it. While certain periods of the day will be rather busy, other portions will be quieter. Keeping that flow running smoothly is important not only to your mental and physical well-being, but also to your revenue stream.

Businesses on the Fly Have Challenges

Also stop for a moment and think about where you would be as a business owner if you were essentially doing things on the fly. Yes, many businesses do not know on a daily basis (fast food, gas stations, post offices etc.) how many customers will come in regularly. As a result, you can find quiet times and you are also likely to find periods where it seems rather helter skelter.

So that your business can be as organized as possible, having appointments down to literally the minute is important. Just as moms want to keep their families as healthy as can be, they also know that being a parent means having a schedule laid out in front of you on a daily basis. From taking the kids to school to doctor appointments and more, moms essentially run a business when it comes to parenthood. You should also be cognizant of pacing yourself, especially if you are a relatively newer business owner.

While some businesses that have been around for many years seem like they could almost run things in their sleep, some newer ones take time to get used to the daily grind of meeting the needs of customers. Whether you are serving mothers or other customers, do your best to get into a flow early on when starting up a business. Not only will your customers come to appreciate this, but you will also discover happier employees (for those who run businesses with workers). An employee who is not feeling stressed out about meeting deadlines typically does better as far as production, not to mention having a better attitude about their jobs. So, whether it is mom or someone else about to do business with you, are you ready to give them the best customer service possible?

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