Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I am sure you have plans for today whether they are to stay home and rest up or have a get together with family and friends.  We usually grill out, enjoy the backyard and make homemade banana ice cream. The festivities and break away from work are great, but we must always make it a point to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Do you have family or friends that have served in the military?  Have you taken time to thank them for their services?  My dad fought in Vietnam and my grandfather was in World War II.  I have spoken to my dad about his time in the miliary but I was so small when my grandfather was alive that we never had any conversations about that part of his life.  If you know someone that currently serves in the military or who has in the past, take time to give them a call and tell them thank you.  If you are out and see someone who you know is serving in the military, be sure to speak and tell them thank you as well.

Last Memorial Day, our family of four was eating lunch in a restaurant when my husband noticed a booth full of young men and women in the army.  When it came time for them to pick up the check, the waiter went to their table, pointed over to us and said that we had picked up their tab.   They were so happy and it made us feel good too.  Buying their meal was the least we could do for them on that day to show our gratitude for the sacrifices they make for our country.


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