Houston Area Flood Pictures May 2016

Flood May 2016 On stilts

Last Thursday the rain began and school was cancelled for Friday due to the flood.  The rain settled down early Friday morning and came back strong that afternoon.  This weekend my husband and I were out and about and I grabbed the following images to share with you.  The picture above shows a business that is off I 45 that is on stilts.  This business sits high above the ground and my kids always comment on it as we drive by.  Now my nine year old sees a purpose for the stilts underneath.

Flood May 2016 water

Here’s the area next to the business on stilts.  Check out the flood water underneath that billboard.  We have lived here for almost fifteen years and have never seen flooding of this gauge in our Houston, Texas area.

May 2016 Flood ambulance

This is the site that we saw as we were headed down Research Forest Drive.  Cars came to a place in the road that was covered over and were turning back around.

May 2016 Flooded Road

Here’s a shot of what laid past the ambulance that was turning around in the image above.  Both cars in front of us did not make it and had both been abandoned.  The car right in front of us with the lights on had almost cleared the water before it had stalled out.  As for us, we were in a tall truck and were able to drive right through this flood area.

flood side road 52016

Saturday we headed to check out our GFY Good For You Carwash site.  It took a LONG time to get there because the traffic was all backed up due to so many shut down roads and bridges from the flood.  Above you can see an image of the traffic on a sideroad.

Flood I45 May 2016

Here’s of shot of Interstate 45 once the traffic started moving again.  Hopefully the flood water can be cleared up soon and the roads can be opened again.  This next week is set to be the last week of school, hopefully all goes well so the kids can finish up the year without any further delays.

Has your area flooded laely?  If so, what effects did it have on your area?

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