I Found My Shorts At Costco

Costco Shorts

In my last post, “Our Express Carwash Is Scheduled To Open In July,” I mentioned that I had finally found shorts to wear as part of my GFY Good For You Carwash uniform at Costco.  Nice looking, well fitting shorts / jeans are always hard for me to find, either they fit well in the waist and are too tight in the behind or they are way too loose in the waist and fit right everywhere else.   Last week I spent three hours walking the mall trying on tons of shorts only to come home with one pair of khaki shorts that I didn’t even like.  It was the last store I had to check and I was very irritated and running out of time, so I just bought them and hoped that if I dropped a little weight they’d fit in July when I needed them.

I had thought that if I tried the more expensive stores like Macy’s that I would be able to find shorts that fit, but I was wrong.  In the end, I was suprised to find the best fitting shorts ever while on a Costco shopping trip!  The shorts were only $14 a pair and fit just like they should.  I bought one pair, brought them home, washed them and wore them for a day.  Yesterday my husband and I went back and bought all the shorts you see in the picture above.  I wanted to make sure that I could get enough pairs for work and some for every day use before Costco sold out and moved on to another style.

When I first went to Costco, I was a little leary because I do not normally like to buy food in bulk but now that I have shopped there a few more times, I have to say that I am VERY hooked!  I find great snack size items for the kids lunches and for myself when I am on the go and the water bottles are as cheap as 8 cents each which is right up my alley!  If you have a Costco near you, check it out one day and ask for a guest pass at the door.  If you can make it on a weekend, they have a lot of food samples for you to test out – have fun!



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