May 26-27 Houston Area Flood

May 27, rain is back

The rain started coming down fast and hard last night.  The water level of our pool was spilling over onto the patio.  Check out the Greenbelt behind our our fence line.  The creek rose quickly and the water kept heading our way until it ran under our fence and on top of our back patio.  Thankfully the water level dropped back quickly and we could stop worrrying that the water would hit our home.  Many people were without power and the high school had some flooding issues.  School was cancelled today and will be made up next Friday.  The kids were thrilled that they were able to miss school today but not so thrilled to know that know their last day of school is Friday instead of Thursday.


I needed groceries yesterday, but never made it to the store so today a friend told me that rain was headed our way again about noon, so I headed to the grocery in hopes of beating the rain.

HEB parking lot before rain

The HEB grocery parking lot was full!  Everyone had the same idea as me except for my husband.  Today is our twenty-first wedding anniversary and he was going to suprise me with a special lunch.  Of course the suprise came once I hit the rocery, but a special lunch with my husband on our anniversary is more important than making an hour long grocery trip.  I grabbed a few items and headed off to a great afternoon lunch.

May 27, flood

Now lunch is over and I am back at home and so is the rain!  We’ve got soup in the cabinet which we’ll be eating for supper if I don’t get back to the store or tonight may be a great night for chili since we’ve got all this rain.

Has it rained at your house lately?  Has your area school been cancelled due to any flooding?



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