Orabase Is Great For Tongue Cuts

Orabase tongue

Thank goodness my dentist told me to find Orabase, I had two wisdom teeth pulled and once pain medicine wore off, I discovered a cut in the side of my tongue.  The cut caused my tongue to burn VERY badly each time I tried to eat food or drink certain drinks.  It was a for-sure diet aid, but not one that I was very fond of having.  I waited a few days and finally called the dentist asking for medicine and a fix for this pain that I was experiencing.  He said that I must have bitten my tongue while under the pain meds and the best solution for this was Orabase.

I searched for stores that had it in my area and picked it up from Walgreens along with another bottle of Ibuprophen.  I had been using Orajel mouth rinse but hadn’t felt any ease in discomfort until using the Orabase.  The Orabase temporarily sealed the cut and numbed my tongue a bit which truly gave the best ease in discomfort.  The Orabase can be used a few times a day and in this case was a lifesaver!

As far as the double wisdom tooth removal, I am fine.  I never experienced any swelling and I even had one tooth that fought the dentist and didn’t want to break free.  It took a set of xrays and special maneuvering to get it to break free. Now all four wisdom teeth are gone and no more of this aggravation.  I should have had these wisdom teeth pulled way before now, but when you are stubborn like I am, sometimes it just takes a lot longer to get things like this done.

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