Packing List: Day On The Water

beach pose

If you are getting ready for a fun day on the water, make sure you have the essentials! As always, you will want to pack your swimsuit and a towel! Just in case, pack two towels. Someone else will probably forget his or hers. Next, bring some baggies for your electronics. I have experienced this one too many times – someone thinks they are being funny by throwing your clothes in the lake but they do not realize that your phone is in your pocket and your keys were inside of the folded up shorts. You have a better chance at saving your important items if they are sealed up and easy to see in the water!


DO NOT forget the sunscreen! It does not matter what type of weather is forecasted for the day. Sunscreen is a must! Skin cancer is no joke and it does not discriminate. Along with sunscreen, bring some bottled water. You will want to stay extra hydrated with all of the swimming and paddling you may be doing out there! Unfortunately we cannot rely on the salty ocean or lake water to keep us hydrated and healthy.


If you are trying to relax in the water, bring some floats! I would recommend bringing some extra floats as well. You never know when one might burst and you need your backup one! If you want to have a picnic, bring some food as well! My last recommendation is to bring your willingness to HAVE FUN! Most people are afraid to act silly in public, but if you are willing to get silly and ignore what people around you think, you will thoroughly enjoy your day! Have fun and be safe! Let us know about your water adventures.

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