What Are The Different Types Of Water Filters For Your Refrigerator?


When it comes to doing everything you can to guard the comfort and safety of your family, one of the vital steps that should never be overlooked is purchasing a water filter for your refrigerator. By taking this action, you can guarantee clean, safe drinking water for your family. You will also save a great deal of time and money by not having to take the extra step of purchasing bottled water to drink. And you’ll remove the possibility of washing your clothes and dishes in tainted, foul smelling water.

How Many Different Types Of Water Filters Are There?

One of the most common questions that people who are buying their first water filter for their home is if there are different types of refrigerator water filter that they can purchase. The answer is yes. However, there are two basic types of water filters for refrigerators, either one of which will fit almost any modern unit that you may have in your home. The two types of water filters for refrigerators are known as inline filters and push-in refrigerator filters.

What Are Inline Filters?

The first type of commonly available water filter for your refrigerator is known as an inline filter. Installing an inline filter is a simple and quick process. The filter is two sided. You will need to attach one side of the inline filter to your home’s water supply line. You will then attach the other side to the special water intake line that will be found on the back of your refrigerator.

Inline filters are best used with refrigerators of a slightly older vintage. They are ideal for refrigerators that are not already equipped with a specially built-in water filter. Once you have attached the inline water filter, it will quickly compensate for the lack of such a built-in filter by handling the entire filtration job on its own. It should also be noted that inline filters are also frequently used to filter the water that comes from your sink.

What Are Push-In Refrigerator Filters?

The second type of water filter designed for the refrigerator in your home is known as the push-in refrigerator filter. These are the models that are frequently built in to most newer refrigerators, although they can, if need be, be purchased on their own as a replacement unit or as an upgrade to an older refrigerator.

A push-in refrigerator filter can normally be found in a special compartment that is located within the refrigerator itself. These units are extremely easy and cost effective to install. All you need to do is to grasp the lid on the compartment, push in, and then twist the unit itself, and then replace the lid on.

How Frequently Should You Replace The Water Filter In Your Refrigerator?

How frequently you will need to replace the water filter in your refrigerator will depend on a number of factors. These will include the exact make and model of the filter you are using in your refrigerator, as well as just how frequently and for which purposes you are using it. Most water filters will tend to last between 6 and 12 months. You should make frequent checks of your water filter to make sure it is functioning correctly.

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