Does Your Vehicle Have A Dirty Back Window?


I found the above trapped kid image drawn on a dirty back window of a car on  I have seen many dirty back windows with wording such as “Wash Me,”  “Clean Me,” etc. but never anything as artistic as the image above.  We have told our kids over and over how irritated we would be if they wrote in the dirt on our back window, but I’d be truly facinated if I were to find something like that drawn on the back window of my car one day.

Dirty windows are one thing, but dirty windows with words drawn in them are quite another.  Once those words get inscribed, it is truly time to get it washed off.  I have seen some cars with cute lettering which clearly came from the kids and others with not so cute words that definitely need to be removed ASAP.


I know you recognize this famous print, but on the back of a car?  I found this image on  We are opening our GFY Good For You Car Wash this summer and I’m sure I’ll see many odd things written on windows, but I would have never known that dirty car art existed if I wouldn’t come across these images online.  Can you imagine getting an awesome scene like this done on your back window, then driving through a rain storm?

Do you allow your family members to draw in the dirt on your car?  Have they ever suprised you with any unexpected messages on your back window?


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