Wisdom Teeth Are History!

dentist teeth

My last two wisdom teeth are now gone.  I went in to the dentist to have them removed Friday morning.  Yes my mouth is sore, but the beauty of this is that the sore mouth has drastically curbed my appetite and I’m only a pound away from hitting my weight loss goal that’s been haunting me for the last few months.  For now, I don’t feel well enough to hit the gym classes with the pain meds on board, but yesterday I mowed the yard, washed my car and worked on the laundry.  Today I hope to wash the other car and finish up the laundry.

For now I can’t drink carbonated drinks because they burn my tongue as well as do most foods.  The dentist had trouble extracting the lower wisdom tooth and he must have caught my tongue up in the middle of the tooth battle.  I’m not a yogurt fan but that has been one of my main foods since my wisdom teeth were pulled.  For lunch I have been eating the Smucker’s Frozen Peanut Butter and Jelly Crustables Sandwiches and supper has been the small preportioned bowl of Rice A Roni.  My calorie count has been well under one thousand calories each day but that has been easily accomplished since the burning sensation I am experiencing while eating food is much worse than the urge to eat delicious foods.

Hopefully my tongue will heal up soon and I can get back to the gym because my calorie count needs to come back up soon and the exercise will compensate for any extra eating I do.

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