Last Two Wisdom Teeth Are Being Removed Today


Today I have two wisdom teeth removed, so lots to do so that I can take the afternoon off and rest while the kids are still in school.  This should have happened when I was much younger, but I was dreadfully scared of the dentist and away at college when these wisdom teeth came in.  They brought on horrible earaches when they came in and made it impossible for me to wear my retainer, so I quit wearing my retainer and didn’t bother to tell my dad about it.  Then as an adult, each time I would see a new dentist, I would have to go through the sermon on how important it was that I had my wisdom teeth removed.  It made me so irritated and definitely turned me off many of the new dentists that I had visited.

As I grew older, one by one, my wisdom teeth started to bring about issues of horrible toothaches, etc. due to the difficulty of brushing in such a tight area.  Right now I am having issues with wisdom tooth #3 and really don’t want to go through this again, so I am having the last two wisdom teeth pulled so I can finally be done with them.  If only I had told my dad about my wisdom teeth and how they made it unable for me to wear my retainer, this could have been taken care of a long time ago, but I was stubborn and have to say that I still am.

Do you have all your wisdom teeth?  Did you have them pulled, if so, how old were you when they were extracted?

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  1. Getting your wisdom teeth extracted can certainly be painful, but it’s always worth doing because it alleviates pain that can be much more extreme and solves the root of the problem! It’s not exactly a fun experience, but it typically isn’t that bad! Good luck!

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