Baylor University Basketball Camp

Baylor Camp

This was Travis’ first year to attend the Baylor University overnight basketball camp.  It was a great experience for him since he will be selecting colleges before we know it.  He was able to experience dorm life, dorm food and get a feel for their campus.  Baylor is a little over three hours away from our house, just enough distance to be away from home, yet close enough to visit frequently.  Above you can see a photo of the campers on the last day of camp.  They had an awards assembly to recognize some of the players before dismissing everyone from camp.

Baylor Award Travis

Travis won the Hot Shot award from his division.  You can see him above as he accepted his award.  I don’t expect my kids to always win awards, but it sure makes me thrilled to see them accept them when they do.  I am so proud of both of my boys.

Baylor award

Here’s a shot of his “Hot Shot Contest Award.”  He also came home with a Baylor University basketball and a cool tee shirt.   Last year he attended the overnight Rice University Basketball Camp and also had a blast.  I am happy to have found these College based basketball camps because I want him to get a feel for the campus experience whenever he can while he is still in high school.  Soon we’ll be selecting a college for him and every little bit of prior college experiences will come in handy.  My highschool always sent us to a nearby college for functions, and that was where I ended up attending once it was time to select a college.  I was familiar with the campus and close enough to home to come and go as I pleased.

Have you visited any college campuses lately?  If so, what was your opinion of the dorm rooms?

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