Do You Have Time Management Issues?


Time management is very important. Ultimately time dictates what we do, how much we do, and when we do it. If we do not manage our time properly, we may miss out on opportunities to make money, have fun, see friends and family, and more!

The first step in time management is to not commit yourself to so many activities and jobs. I know that many of us love to help others but sometimes we over-commit and we run out of time! When we run out of time, we end up letting others down and putting more work on them because we offered to do something but we never did. This can cause stress on yourself and the other person. Make sure you place all of your commitments down on a calendar so you can actually look at your schedule and make sure that it’ll work.

When you are scheduling activities and jobs, make sure they work well with your pre-existing schedule and routine. For example, if you have a toddler that goes to bed at 7:00pm sharp, do not schedule anything for about an hour before that and until the next day. You do not want to mess with your child’s routine! By doing that, it ends up being a long night for everyone because the child is up later than usual and he/she will be very confused about what time is actually bedtime. They might not want to go to bed at their normal time the next night – we do not want that!

So remember to follow these two steps: stick with your routine and write everything down to make sure you can do all of it. Once you start doing that on a regular basis, you will be able to get everything done and no one is left with extra work!

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