Fun Slumber Party Ideas

Calling all parents who have little girls who love to host slumber parties! Anyone out there?! You will want to read this post! If you have ever hosted a slumber party, you know how they typically go: food, movies, pillow fights and lots of giggling. Let’s turn it up a notch with these fun bonding games!


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The first game is called the human knot. I am sure you have heard of this before – this game is fun and crazy and is full of laughter because everyone looks so silly trying to “win.” The best part is, everyone wins! There is not a single winner. If you have never heard of the game, basically everyone stands in a circle and you stick both arms in the middle and grab on to someone else’s hand. Once everyone has another hand in each of their hands, they all have to work together to figure out how to untie themselves without letting go! This is definitely a game you will want to get on camera!


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The next game is a homemade obstacle course. Grab some yarn, some pillows, pool noodles, etc. and divide up into groups of two or more, depending on how many girls are at the slumber party. Once you are in your groups, use your supplies to create obstacle courses. Once all courses are complete, have each group demonstrate how to make it through each course. Then everyone has to do each other’s course. If you want to step it up a notch, write “blind” and “mute” on little pieces of paper and have each girl draw one. There should be at least one blind and one mute in each group. If you are blind, your mute partner has to help you through the obstacle course but they cannot talk! This is a great way to build a trust relationship as well.

Have fun!

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