Helping Your Child With Important Career Choices

Transitioning from education life to adulthood is never easy. Your kid will have to make some major life decisions and naturally, (as their preferred role model), your kid will come to you for wisdom and advice. So it’s best to be prepared when offering guidance. In a recent study, more than 50% of the parents in the survey said that they were not aware of the various options available to the young adults turning 18. In this infographic, DeluxeMaid provides you with valuable advice on any future career choices.

Helping your child with important career choices infographic

Stand back and take a few minutes to look at yourself.  Did you have career goals as a child?  Were these goals instilled by your parents or were they mostly your own?  Did you go on to work towards attaining those career goals?  Are you currently in the profession that you dreamt about as a child?  I can remember my dad always saying that I needed to earn a computer degree in college.  He always talked about computer programming but I had something else in mind, which is ironic, because here I sit behind the computer working on my blog.  I didn’t turn out to be a computer programmer but I can build and manage my own websites which has worked out great since we have a few business websites that we use regularly.  Paying for upkeep and management of those sites would be a high ticket, so that knowledge in itself has tremendously paid off.  Back to my story…. I always wanted to be a teacher and drive a purple van.  I did end up driving a van; however, my color choices did change and I did go on to get a bachelor degree in elementary education.  I taught school until my first child was born, then I chose to stay at home and take care of him instead of returning to work.

My kids are now growing older and thoughts of college are here.  Check out the infograph above and start thinking about options for your child.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have 4 kids and I think the information here will assist me when it comes to helping my kids make important career choices. I found the tip about exposing them to my network useful. As someone who never benefited from that, I see the need to do it for my kids. I grew up with social anxiety issues. And, I’d like to help my kids integrate socially without issues.

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