House Hunting Tips

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Are you planning on buying a house soon? If so, make sure you are totally prepared for your day with your realtor and potential houses! The first thing you want to put aside for this very exciting day is a comfortable outfit. This is not an occasion where you need to dress up in heels and a nice dress – I would recommend wearing some comfortable jeans and tennis shoes. You will be walking a lot and you really do not even know where you will be walking until you get there and heels may not be in your best interest.

Next, grab some snacks and drinks for the ride! House hunting is expensive – well, at least buying said house is. You might want to save some money and bring snacks and drinks to hold you over until you return back home rather than eating out. Also, it can be a very long day and staying hydrated throughout the day is important anyway.

Keep an open mind and “do not judge a book by its cover.” Even though sometimes the inside matches the outside, it is always good to stay positive! If you are entering a home that is still occupied, try to not touch anything. It is likely the tenants have done their best to keep their home clean in a way that you could really see everything the home has to offer.

One more piece of advice: Everyone will tell you to not make a decision on the very first day. However, if you happen to find “the one” and you know you just HAVE to have it, make an offer! Only YOU know what house will work for you and your family. Who knows, the homeowners may accept your offer that very day! Welcome home.

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