I’ve Applied For A Job, Now What?


You have just applied for, say, six jobs. What do you do next? Well, you wait! But not for too long! I was always told to give the company a week to receive and look over your job application before taking then next step. What is the next step, you ask? You call and follow up! I know someone who likes to follow up with one job at a time, staring with the one she really wants and making her way down to the ones she will settle for until the one she really wants becomes available again.

When you are ready to follow up, write down all of the places you have applied to. Write down the company name, their address, phone number, and the position you applied for. Once you have all of your information organized, make your first call. You might want to start out by saying something like, “Good morning/afternoon, my name is ______ and I applied for your ____ position. I was calling to follow up on my job application, and to see if you needed any more information from me.”

While making your call, you should be taking notes and writing down everything they are saying. You want to remember their comments and remarks because they may come in handy with your next potential employer!

You need to make sure your availability works for them before going any further in the process. If your hours will not work for them, you will be wasting your own time moving forward with this company and their application process. Lay it all out on the table – make sure that this will work for you!

If none of the jobs end up working out, do not worry! There are plenty more out there! The right one for you will come at the right time!

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