Share Your Testimony, Save A Life


If you have ever been through a tough time in your life, as I am sure we all have, I urge you to share your testimony on social media if you are comfortable with it. It is so incredible to find out just how many people are dealing with a problem internally that they are too scared to talk about in public or even in private with someone they know.

When you post about your life online, you are not only inviting others into your personal life, but you are showing how important it is to talk about situations you may be going through. If you post your testimony online, you may just save someone’s life. I have a friend who posted her personal testimony on her Facebook page and she received tons of support.  She also received a message on Facebook about someone who needed help, badly.

That particular someone came up to her job that same day and they sat and talked for almost 4 hours. The person in need of help cried and told my friend all of her struggles. They now have plans to get the friend clean and keep her away from her temptations. Her life will be saved because of a simple Facebook testimony post.

Have you ever posted something online that ended up helping others? What about reading something yourself that helped you personally? What are some suggestions you have as far as censoring certain information or stories? It is so important to let others know that they are not alone and that they will always have someone fighting for them. This particular friend from work was contemplating suicide (again) after just attempting it last month. She left the office feeling refreshed and she had HOPE in her eyes. One simple story can save a life. Share your story!

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