Summer Is Here And We’re On The Go

Bobby Pool Party2

Summer is here and lots to do before school starts back up.  My oldest turns sixteen in the end of this month and will be taking his driver’s test.  My youngest also has a birthday in a few days as well.  Birthday gifts for the teen are easy since he can’t wait to get his liscence and get that car on the road.  Birthday gifts for the youngest are a little harder but he is a die hard fisherman and loves outdoor activities, so that’s where we’re starting in terms of finding gifts for him.

As far as summer activities, we’ve got lots of summer camps lined up through August and as soon as the rain passes and the water has a chance to warm up, we’ll start using the swimming pool and local waterpark.  For now, I am sure the water is way too cool for me right now.  As far as birthday parties, we’re still working on planning those since we usually have swimming pool parties and the weather is usually much warmer than it is right now.


We’re also working on getting our GFY Good For You Express Carwash up and going this summer.  Today the concrete is being poured and the construction workers are still going strong. We are scheduled to open mid July and will be hiring soon for part time positions.  You can learn more about our carwash by checking out our website at

Has your summer started yet?  Are you already living life on the go?

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