Travis Scores His Driver’s Licence

Travis 16

We had his driver’s test scheduled for a few months, so on the morning of his sixteenth birthday, we headed off to get in line at the DMV so Travis could take his driver’s test.  We sat in the parking lot and read over the directions several times and pulled into the driving line, as the second car to take the test.  Bobby and I were waiting around the front of the building, looked up and there was Travis driving the car alone out of the testing area.  Even though I had pre-registered, I hadn’t went in to pay my $11 and he was bumped back out of the line.  He parked the car, we all got in line, to be told that they would do their best, but because I hadn’t paid, Travis may not be able to take his test that day.

This made me VERY sick!  My stomach was in knots the whole time I sat in the waiting area waiting to be called back to turn in our paperwork.  Travis kept telling me that it was alright, but it wasn’t alright!  This was his sixteenth birthday and he was so excited about getting his license and I was about to mess this up because I didn’t walk inside the building once we arrived.  We were called back, they took his picture, gave him a vision test and took his fingerprints.  They told him to get his car back in line and we were back in business!

THANK GOODNESS! Bobby and I went back to our waiting spot and watched as Travis took off through the parallel parking and off on his way out of the parking lot with the driving instructor.  He came back, parked the car and sat in the car with the instructor for awhile going over his test.  Later that afternoon he was off by himself headed to the gym.  I asked that he call me once he got there and again before he left.  He can now drive himself to early morning camp and couldn’t be happier.

Have you experienced driver’s training with a teen lately?  Do you feel confident about their ability to drive alone?

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