How To Become A Recruiting Machine – Part 2

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Welcome to “How to become a recruiting machine – Part 2! In Part 1, we talked about the first four steps in becoming a successful recruiting machine: Decision, Mindset, Collect friends, and Developing positive daily habits. Here are the rest:

  1. Always be prepared. Tools – always have some type of media or samples to share with someone. Carry these samples in your car, purse, gym bag, etc. Bring your stories. Tell your story to others. How has your product helped you personally? People remember stories but they often forget the facts. If you are ready for a more challenging talk, collect stories as well! Your story plus others’ stories will make a huge impact! If you have a story for every question that someone asks you, a story for every background story you are told, you will be able to connect with them! Be prepared!
  2. Enthusiasm. Stay pumped up! Stay excited! People are bored – bored people are attracted to enthusiastic people! Enthusiasm is addicting and contagious. Would you rather be around a person who does not have more than one facial expression and never really talks about anything that excites them, or would you rather hang out with someone who is positive, uplifting, happy, and passionate about what they do? I can tell you that I would rather be around someone who brings my mood up rather than down!
  3. Lastly, THINK BIGGER! Success loves speed – if you want to get anywhere in network marketing, you really need to get a move on it! Now, I am not saying to rush through everything and do it as fast as possible. No, I am saying that you need to do everything in a timely manner. You do not want to stress potential customers out by having an event planned every night online, but you do not want to bore them with only talking about your company once a month. They will eventually move on to someone who thinks bigger- someone who tries to meet their business needs as well as personal business goals!


There you have it! Good luck and have fun!


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