Why You Should Choose Wood Flooring (or Laminate) When You Have Kids!

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People tend to think that wood flooring (or laminate) and kids just shouldn’t be put together, but it really isn’t the case.

Wood and Laminate VS. Carpet

Although carpet is much softer than wood and laminate flooring, keeping it clean can be a big issue. We all know how messy kids can be. A sticky lolly will stick to the fibres, a spilled yoghurt or a cup of milk poured on the floor just for the fun of it could cause some unsightly, immovable stains and nasty lingering smells. Laminate or wood flooring can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth and dried without any damage.
Carpets are also prone to catching and harbouring dust mites, pollen and dirt. If your child has allergies, laminate or wood flooring is a much better choice, their flat, treated surface doesn’t trap allergens or allow for any mold or mildew to grow – any allergens can be simply wiped away.

Wood VS. Laminate

The choice between wood and laminate flooring mainly comes down to personal preference and what is high on your priority list.

The Look:

Although there have been great improvements in the manufacturing of laminate, the striking beauty of a wood floor, which gains more character as it ages, is irreplaceable.


Most laminates are impact, scratch and splash resistant. It’s hard wearing, durable nature means that it is able to cope with high levels of traffic for a long period of time.
One of the greatest appeals of a wood floor is its longevity. Although it is slightly less durable than laminate, a wood floor can be sanded and re-finished when it begins to show damage (due to wear and tear), where as laminate flooring is more difficult to repair once worn and will likely need to be replaced.


A wet mop can be used to clean spillages or sticky marks on a laminate floor where only a dry/damp cloth can be used on a wood floor.


Wood flooring is significantly higher in price than laminate.

There are a lot of high quality wood and laminate flooring suppliers like www.directwoodflooring.co.uk that sell durable flooring that would be perfect for a kid friendly home.
Wood Buying Guide

Here’s some pointers for choosing a wood floor if you have kids:
• Choosing a wood with lots of character and colour variation will help to hide any marks. These are usually cheaper and made with lower graded wood but still look amazing.
• Avoid picking really dark shades as scratches, blemishes, marks and dust will be much more noticeable. Instead, opt for a more natural colour. Natural hues are
good for hiding any marks or bits on the floor. Choose a golden shade to add warmth to your room or a lighter shade to open up the room.
• Choose engineered wood over solid.
• Oiled floors are better at hiding scratches and easier to repair. Lacquered finishes are better for mopping up spillages, are slightly more durable but, more difficult to repair.
• Avoid deep brushed wood floors. Their highly textured finish and deep grains will allow for dust to settle or bits of food to get stuck.

Suggestion: Lay a rug to make an area for soft play (and to add decoration) or create a play area with a flat smooth matt where they can roll the wheels on their trucks to their hearts content.

Tip: Put foam pads on the bottom of furniture to avoid any marks or scratches being made when moving the furniture or high chairs!

Laminate Buying Guide

When buying laminate the cost and thickness are important. The more expensive the laminate, the more realistic it will look, the more hardwearing it will be and the longer the warranty will be. The thicker the laminate the lower the noise level will be when walking across it.

Easy to clean and maintain, good for allergies and dust, versatile, highly durable, long lasting and beautiful to look at – wood flooring (or laminate) would be a timeless addition to any home that will add warmth to your room whilst providing a kid friendly environment.

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  1. Great guide for choosing the best floorcovering! We (ConklinBros) get a lot of questions regarding which flooring is the best for children and pets. This blog is perfect for those who are wondering the direction to go.

  2. I totally agree! I have laminate floor in most of the rooms at home, and I love them! They’re easily installed and cleaned and very affordable. Thanks so much for giving your input!

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