Are You Dealing With A ‘terrible Two’s Toddler’?



If your toddler has entered the ‘terrible two’s’ phase, do not worry! It is just that, only a phase! Yes, it can be very frustrating to deal with but you will get through it. We have to remember that they are just as frustrated as we are. Toddler are finally learning how to express themselves at that age, but they still cannot hold a conversation so they get frustrated when trying to “say” how they feel or “tell” us what they want. During this phase they will scream, kick, bite, throw themselves on the ground, etc. Whatever you did as a child to your mother or father, will be done to you. That is a hard pill to swallow, huh?

Like I said, we are just as frustrated as our toddlers but we need to remember that we are both trying to communicate in a way that the other does not fully understand just yet. We have no idea what they want, and they do not know what we are trying to tell them. Patience is key, and a virtue, although we may forget that at times. The best thing to do when your toddler starts screaming is to get down on their level and talk to them in a calm and quiet manner. When someone yells at a child (while they are standing up) you are intimidating the child and that will result in more bad behavior. You need to get down to their level and talk to them in a way that will not only calm them down, but calm you down as well. They will, more than likely, try to find a new way to tell you what they want. Plus, a very fussy toddler is a tired toddler and we all know that there is a difference between a SLEEPY toddler and a SLEEPING toddler. Trust me, you want the sleeping one. The more calm you are, the more calm they will be.

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