Family Activities To Beat The Summer Heat


7 Activities that Help You And You Little One Beat the Summer Heat

Every parent knows that summer can be a lot of fun. They also know that summer inevitably comes with children complaining about how hot it is outside. Don’t listen to the complaints anymore. Instead, try these seven activities to beat the heat!

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  1. Go to the Beach/Pool

Let’s start with the most obvious option to cool off. Put the kids in their bathing suits, pack some towels, sunscreen, and snacks, and head to the nearest pool or body of water. Be sure to go to a facility with lifeguards and no signs of dangerous wildlife. And definitely don’t forget to bring a book or some gossip magazines for yourself. While possibly more expensive, water parks are another great option.

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If you aren’t close to a good pool, beach, or water park, pack everybody in the car and make it a trip! Don’t even think that the car ride will be too hot! Turn on the air conditioner or roll down the windows. Another option would be to get a car seat cover (we recommend those from CheekyTummy) to protect any youngsters from the elements.


Now, the best way to do this is with a surprise attack. Fill up plenty of water balloons while the kids are away. Make sure that you put them in an accessible bucket (or buckets) so that everyone can join in. And when they come home… ATTACK!

It may take away a bit of the surprise element, but you can always make a trip to the store for some water guns, too. Don’t get boring littel water guns if you do this. Definitely go for the big fun ones!

If your children are sensitive or prone to crying, remind them that it’s only water, and that it’s meant to be fun. They’ll be back at it in no time!

  1. Get Creative

You know the best time to do messy outdoor art projects? When the kids can be hosed down afterwards and enjoy it because of the heat! This is the best time to play with body paint and just paint without worrying where the paint lands on the kids.

Get them in their oldest bathing suits first, and enjoy the rinsing off process. It’s part of the fun.

  1. Make Popsicles

Think about what popsicles are for a moment. They’re frozen juice! Making this frozen treat with the kids is extremely easy, and the little ones are happy because they get a fun treat in the end. And they made it themselves!

There are recipes that are so easy that the kids won’t even need too much help. Then are are more complicated (but delicious) recipes that you can make. And if you’re looking to stay healthy, this is a much better option than ice cream! However…

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  1. Go For Ice Cream or Other Cool Snacks

Going for ice cream or slushies as a family is another way to both cool down and have fun. Consider riding your bikes together or walking. Rollerblading is a good option, too! Outdoor activities are always better when you have a sweet treat to look forward to.

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  1. Before Bedtime Fun

When the sun goes down, the heat is significantly reduced. Don’t force the kids to stay indoors. Have fun! Look for carnivals, firework displays, and other activities that are kid friendly after the sun goes down. If you don’t have any events nearby, don’t worry. You can enjoy the time at home. Watch a sunset together and let the children run around chasing fireflies.

  1. Go Indoors

Sure, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat outside. However, sometimes you just want air conditioning. There are plenty of things that you can do inside to help beat the heat. Watch movies or go to the theater. You can also go bowling. Better yet, consider going to an ice skating rink during the summer. Be sure not to stay inside all of the time, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping a couple of activities indoors.

Help your children beat the heat by planning fun activities. All of these activities are great options that the kids will absolutely love. You’re not only beating the heat- you’re creating fantastic memories. Be sure to keep your camera ready!


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