GFYcarwash Quality Painting Crew

GFY carwash painters

Check out the painters above!  This is a job that I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy.  The days have been super hot here in Texas and it probably feels even hotter when working around the top of our carwash building.  We’re on track to open soon but still lots to do.  Thank goodness our painting crew is timely and always on top of things.  We have been using this same painting crew for about fifteen years now. I met the owner of the painting business in Sherwin Williams one day and we’ve stuck with him ever since.

Gregario GFY painters

Here’s a closeup of the painting crew that finished up the painting on our GFY Good For You Express Carwash.  I gave them all a tee shirt and asked if I could grab a photo of them.  Its’s a huge PLUS having a great team in place when you are running a business.  We have had a few rental homes for the past eight years and we now have a great home maintenance team consisting of property manager, painting crew, a carpet cleaning company,  a realtor, etc.  Now that we are building our carwash business, I am working to find the right people for my team.  Right now I am still working with the people from the end of the construction phase and we’ve also hired a great team of employees.   Along with finishing up the construction end, I am also working on building my marketing plan.  It takes a lot of time and team effort to start up a business, but it’s a challenge that I’m definitely up for!

Have you built a team in the past?  Is it one that has been around for many years or is it in the growing stages?

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