Imagine If You No Longer Cleaned Your Own House

What would happen if you could not clean your own house? If every time you tried you had to go straight for an inhaler because your lungs would stop working somewhat. You would try to find a maid-right? Well that’s what my friend did. That is a story in itself. The maid services were too expensive. One of the people in her building helped her to advertise on the internet. She found someone–uh–lets just leave it at this–that girl showed up two times–both times after she left-my friend ended up in the hospital with an asthma attack. Turns out that she used a broom instead of a vacuum and all that dust—thankfully-that girl just stopped showing up. She asked the superintendent of the building if he knew anyone–she was bound and determined not to end up in the hospital again! Turns out that there was a card in the lobby and the super said to call her. She is definitely more expensive–but OH SO WORTH IT!

Talk total spring cleaning! She started to use the vacuum and immediately told her that it did not work with the cat hair and told her which one does. She immediately went online and bought it! It works like a dream.

Photo from Best Best (where she purchased it)

She started looking in her closets and decided that there was a lot of stuff that had to go. My friend estimates that 20 giant Hefty bags of paper and misc junk were thrown out-and possibly more to go. Then there were the 8 or so bags of clothing that were put in those bins for others. To date all the laundry is done-folded and put away. Her linen closet and pantry are now unrecognizable——in other words all the big places are done. She was informed that next come the small places.

This picture from GraphicsFactory

Meanwhile her cat is very upset—cats do not like change. She watches both of us like a hawk while that girl (who the cat does like by the way) is working and things are being removed from the apartment. When she leaves her cat plaintively meows for a couple of hours looking for the missing objects!

This cleaning project is still ongoing and my friend has not had to be hospitalized! Lets hope that that girl stays in my friends employ for years to come!

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