Invisalign…Is It For You?

invisalign close up

My son just turned sixteen and was dead set against getting braces so we decided to go the Invisalign route.  In terms of pricing, the Invisalign trays were cheaper than traditional braces.  We ordered them and returned to get the first trays put on a few weeks later.  We were given eight packs of trays and instructed to keep all the trays and change them out for the next set of trays each Friday.  At the end of the eight trays, Travis will return to the dentist for a check up and the next set of trays.  For those who are very scared of the dentist, the Invisalign treatment is excellent if the patient wants straight teeth enough to follow the dentist’s recommendations.

As far as downfalls, here is what I have seen so far:

You must remove the trays each time you eat and can only drink clear water while wearing the trays.  You are instructed to wear the trays approximately 22 hours each day.  When my son eats, he takes his time and says he wants to remove his trays a bit before eating as his teeth are sore as soon as the trays are removed.  Then he doesn’t get up to brush his teeth and insert his trays as soon as his meal / snack is finished.  This delays the time that he actually wears his trays each day.   Then, if he falls asleep at night after having a snack and doesn’t get his trays back in that is at least another six to eight hours that he isn’t getting the suggested Invisalign treatment.  So far he is only on tray two, and the second tray fit his teeth when it was time to swap from tray one.  Time will tell if he is truly wearing these trays long enough each day to progress smoothly with his suggested fourteen month procedure.  With this in mind, a parent should really think hard about whether or not their child is the right age for Invisalign treatment.

I had braces when I was younger and remember how bad my mouth felt after each time the dentist retightened them.    I had no way of removing my braces so I had to deal with the pain, for my son, if he hurts real bad, he can always remove the trays which is a downfall since the realignment of the teeth is how the procedure works.

From an adult patient’s point of view, I believe the Invisalign would be great.  When an adult puts out a lot of money for personal treatment, they will most likely be sure to follow the dentist’s recommendations.  The Invisalign is bracket free, so no reason for mouth sores caused by the traditional braces.  The Invisalign trays are also not as noticeable as the braces. If you are near Vancouver, you can explore Invisalign options at

Invisalign kit

Above you will see the tub I have set up for him that contains his Invisalign packs and disposable travel toothbrushes.  This tub from Thirty-One stays on his bathroom counter for easy access.

If I had to be put back into braces, I would definitely go the Invisalign route, would you?

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