No Air Conditioner? 90 degrees?

I am sure you have all seen and/or heard those public service announcements that tell us that when the weather gets extremely hot to check in on our older neighbors. It is true that the elderly and young children are far more susceptible to extremes in temperature and with excess heat are much more likely to dehydrate–and quickly. They also mention to check on people with compromised lungs. Well it turns out–it is the truth!

I was getting pretty worried about a friend of mine who did not have a working air conditioner in her bedroom where she spends most of her time on the computer. She had been in the hospital 2 or 3 times because of asthma/copd and well–she NEEDED a working air conditioner. It was getting hotter and hotter where she lives and all she had was a medium sized fan that blew the hot air around. She told me various people were checking on her to make sure she hadn’t passed out. She wasn’t complaining at all–but was sounding worse and worse over the weeks. Then I got some very good news—

Her Mom finally got scared enough that she bought her one as an early birthday present!

Friedrich 10,000 BTU 9.8 EER Uni-Fit Room Air Conditioner 230V

She purchased it at a local store and they delivered and installed it the next day!! It was so bad in there that the technician set it to 60 degrees and told her to let it run!

Now her only problem is to figure out which temperature to set it to-thankfully by remote control—-

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