Pokemon On The Go Craze

pokemon on the go screen

I am sure that you have heard about the Pokemon On The Go game by now.  My teenager told my husband about it and before you knew it, they were both testing it out.  I’m not much on games so I just listened as they talked about this new game and the tricks they had learned.

market street pokemon

We have a cool outdoor shopping area in our town called Market Street.  It has great outdoor shopping and many restaurants.  My husband took me this week and everyone had their phones out and open to Pokemon On The Go, it was just nuts!  The picture above isn’t that great, but you can get the idea of what I am talking about.  All of the people that you see standing around the outdoor fountain are playing Pokemon On The Go!

pokemon Michael

Here’s a shot of my husband, he had a seat on the fountain while he played Pokemon On The Go from his phone.  He was so focused on catching Pokemon that I don’t even think that he realized that I had snapped his picture.

pokemon sign Market Street

The sign above was located in the center of Market Street.  I couldn’t believe that a sign had been made especially for the Pokemon On The Go gamers but it made sense.  I can definitely see people hanging out in this area after hours in search of the Pokemon.

My kids have the app open on their phones while we are driving in my car.  They have realized that there are tons of Pokemon in the HEB grocery parking lot and grocery store so now they are more than happy to head to the grocery store with me.  That makes me very happy, THANK you Pokemon!

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