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If you are looking to hire someone for your business, it is a great idea to post your job on  I found this site while searching online for free online sites to post our job openings for carwash bay attendant at our new GFY Carwash.  Workable had a free 15 day trial period and was extremely easy to set up!  There was a place to list your company profile and the free trial allowed me to list up to 20 job slots.  Once your job is in the system, it is listed on other job hiring/locating sites like

I set up one ad Thursday night and by Friday morning I was receiving email notifications that my applications were being sent in for our current position.  Once I received an application, I emailed the applicant thanking them for their interest and listing our GFY Carwash address and open interview times.  The applicant would then respond back with their choice of interview times and that was it.  This process was so simple.  Workable even sent updated emails containing applicant resumes which could be easily forwarded onto my other team members. also made it easy to add my mananger to the account so that he could also see the applications as they came in.

Within 10 days we received almost 50 applicants and ran interviews which concluded with successfully hiring the amount of employees we had hoped to hire.  This website worked so well that I had to get my ad turned off because more and more applicants and emails kept flooding in.

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