How To Prepare For A Quick Move

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Did you buy a house and end up with a great closing date? You know the kind; one month away, plenty of time to pack up and get everything ready to go. If so, GREAT! What happens if you get an email from your realtor saying you actually have ONE WEEK until you close on your new home?! Woah, going from one month to one week is a huge deal! Are you ready? Let me talk to you about it.

The first thing you need to do is panic. JUST KIDDING! Get some boxes and start packing by room. This is the easiest way to pack, in my opinion. Label each box (kitchen, hall closet, bathroom 1 and bathroom 2, kids room, etc.) so that when you start bringing the boxes over to your new home, you can sit them in the proper room and just unpack when you can. I know someone who has moved several times due to the military and this couple ALWAYS made the mistake of packing things together in random boxes. This made unpacking a huge pain and a very long, unnecessary process. By labeling everything and keeping rooms together, your unpacking days will be short and easy.

If you are transitioning from a rental unit to your new home, I suggest looking up a “deep cleaning checklist” online and printing it off. You definitely do not want to be slapped with tons of extra fees because your fridge was not clean enough. Yes, some apartments do that! You must dust everything and leave it completely flawless and cleaner than when you moved in! Trust me, those fees add up quickly.

Lastly, appreciate the space you are currently in. It may not have been the nicest or safest place to live (or whatever reason you have for moving) but it served a purpose and you had a roof over your head while you were there. When you learn to appreciate the not-so-great things, you will really appreciate the great things.

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