Save Time – “Learn” Your Waterpark

waterpark door

We’ve spent enough time at Wet N Wild Splashtown this summer to get our routine down to beat the lines and catch the wave pool at just the right time.

waterpark pass

Getting to the waterpark when the gate first opens is the prime time to plan your arrival.  It’s perfect for riding those large attractions that always have lines that seem to be never ending, like the Tornado or the FloRider!  We keep our waterpark season passes on a keychain which is always kept on our waterpark bag for easy access which saves time and ensures that I don’t forget to pack our passes.  I’d hate to miss out on our free parking pass that came along with our season pass purchase.  The free parking pass really saves a lot of money when you think about paying $10 per day for parking if you plan on attending this waterpark on a regular basis.

As we enter the park, we head straight to the lockers, lock up everything, make sure we have on our waterproof watches and set up for our favorite rides in order to beat the lines.  After we ride all the rides that usually have the worst lines, we like to hang out at the wave pool and cruise around the park on the Lazy River.

As for the wave pool, it is not always set for the waves, so in order to make the waves and not wait long periods of time, we go right on the hour and are sure to catch the waves as soon as the break period is over on the hour.  For example, we arrive to the wave pool a few minutes before one pm and once the whistle blows for us to enter the pool, the waves will begin shortly afterwards.  This allows us to hit the waves at just the right time, enjoy them and move onto the next attraction once the waves are over without missing a beat!

If you have a season pass to a waterpark, I highly recommend checking out the park on different days / times to find the optimum times for your family.  We have always found that weekdays are more enjoyable since the weekends are always slam packed with tons of people.  The mornings are the best, but some enjoy the nighttime experience which sometimes brings cooler weather.  Either way, stay organized, look for deals and have fun!

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