Snappii Inventory App: Time Saver

inventory pile

I’ve been working on getting our GFY Carwash up and going and knew that I needed an app to help me with inventory.  Above you can see a little of my vending item inventory in the picture above.  And yes, I said “a little,”  I still have to purchase the food drink items but I have been waiting to do that since we haven’t opened for business yet.  There will be several of us working together to stock the machines and purchase the vending items so an easy app that can be shared and updated was the answer we needed to how we were going to keep everyone up to date when it came to managing our inventory.

Inventory App

Above you can see the Inventory Snappii app screen from my phone.  It is free as of 7/26/16 when I wrote this post and super easy to add new inventory onto the app and then go back into saved items to locate everything you have previously saved on the app.  This app can also be shared with many people by logging in with the same email address and password that was used when the app was first set up.

The Snappii app is also customizable and comes with support, but for now I have been too busy to dig deeper into this app so I am only using the new and saved buttons.  I am very happy using this app and know that it has saved me a lot of time.  Once I have more time to set down and customize it, I should be even happier!

What is your favorite app?


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