Bobbie’s Still At The Car Wash!

After opening GFY (Good For You) Car Wash in August of 2016, I’m still here!  You can find me at 20615 Kuykendahl Rd. Spring, Texas.  You can also view the website at  Check out our GFY Car Wash Facebook Page for up to date information:

Going from “stay at home blogger” to “run to work car wash owner” was a HUGE change!  One thing’s for sure, I sure can’t get this kind of tan working online all day from the house.  Working outdoors at GFY Car Wash in the Texas sun is definitely a game changer.  For those that like outdoor work, this is it!  For those who prefer the desk in the AC, sadly this is not for you.

If you are into “cool” vehicles, working at a car wash is a fun job!  It’s a great way to “scout out” your next vehicle craving!  Since working here, I’ve developed a new found love for wheels, rims, racing stickers, etc!

Are you the outdoorsy type who likes to stay busy or would you rather lounge around inside?  I figure, the more I “move,” the younger I will keep myself instead allowing myself to become a non-moving couch potato.

Here’s to moving!  Stay active everyone!

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    1. That is SOOO true Kimberly! My husband wrote the book on passive income and I chose the car wash industry. I soon found out that the car wash business is definitely a “hands on” job! The only way any passive income could be made here is if we totally relied on other individuals to work this wash for us. For now, with a start up business, I like to be involved.

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