Back-To-School Hair Styles and Tricks

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The summer is over and heading back to school in style is inevitable. At the back of your mind, impressing your friends with shiny and healthy hair is a top-priority. At the same time, you are aware that the relaxed holiday mode must be replaced by a busy schedule. From trying to get to school on time, to allocating time for long lectures, to completing your homework, there is little time left for your hair. How can you get and maintain stylish hair while in school? Well, read on for super-easy styles and tricks worth considering:

  • Go For a Deep Hair Treatment

If you left your hair unattended at some point during the holidays, your friends will notice. It is time for a deep treatment. Hot olive oil treatment works wonders for badly damaged hair. Purchase extra virgin oil from the groceries and heat it in the microwave until warm. Use your fingertips to apply the oil to the ends and other damaged parts. Cover the hair using a shower cap and wait for a while before washing with a good shampoo. For best results, the treatment should be done a few days before reporting to school.

  • Make Subtle Changes

As you will find out at, drastic hairstyle changes are not recommended for anyone whose day is characterized with a busy schedule. It takes a lot of effort to maintain the look. Not to forget, you may not have the capacity to withstand the constant glances from classmates and teachers. Go for simple changes such as use of hair jewelry and adding bangs.

  • Plan Your Hair Styles for Major School Events

As you go through professional groomers’ magazines or websites, you will notice that there are numerous styles suitable for school events that could easily be obtained with hair stylers such as a hair straightener or curler. Take note of them and make plans on how and where to get the look. It may require a little saving of your pocket money and contacting the hairstylists in advance. The idea here is to ensure that you are not caught off guard during such moments. You must be determined to stand out at all times.

  • Have a Backup Plan

Always have an alternative just in case a style does not work. Pony elastics and braids can save the day when a sophisticated look fails. A headband can help you to keep your short hair stylish. More so, cutting your hair is an option. If the hair is damaged or you wish to get an easy-to-maintain style, buy quality hair clippers and choose the most suitable way of doing the cuts. It can be risky to cut the hair completely since you have fewer hair styles to choose from afterwards. You could cut the sides and style the rest of the hair. The option of leaving short hair that can be braided is also available.

  • Always Wash and Protect Your Hair

Great looking hair must be protected from sun and wind. Invest in a quality moisturizer and apply it on a regular basis. Further, getting rid of the oil and dirt that builds up after a long day’s hassle will leave your hair ready for growth and repairs. The right shampoo must have products that hydrate the hair and maintain its natural texture. Note that you must be aware of your hair type before making the purchases. Is your hair dry, oily, or normal? As you answer the question, it will be easy to get the right shampoo and moisturizers.

  • Eat Well and Get Enough Sleep

Healthy hair will stand out even when it is not professionally styled. You can achieve this by going for a balanced diet as opposed to the easily available cholesterol-laden foods. Replace the midday and night snacks with a variety of fruits. Also, go for foods rich in good protein such as fish and eggs. Forget about the sugary soda and instead, carry with you’re a bottle of water. If you have no time to prepare the meals, take the supplements in the correct amounts. Plan to jog at the end of the school day or during the weekends. Further, set sufficient amount of time to sleep after school. You will have paved way for proper body functioning and eventually, hair growth and repair.

All in all, going back to school does not imply losing your edge. It simply means finding styles that suit the busy schedule.

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