Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp – So Cool!

I never expected to receive my Eclipse LED Floor Lamp in a small box such as this!  What a great suprise to find on my porch.  It was well packaged and I couldn’t wait to get this put together and placed in our living room.

Below you can see how quick and easy this was to pull out of the box and put together.  The longest part out of the whole set up was getting the plastic off the light.

After just a few minutes of set up time, the light was in use and brightly lighting up my living room.  You won’t believe how bright this LED Britchtech lamp is!

This Brightech lamp is so much fun that my twelve year old asked if he could throw balls through the inside of it – NOT!  Yes, I want my entire family to enjoy it, but it is not to be used as a basketball hoop or a goal of any kind!  This lamp not only looks cool, but it can be moved in many different angles while still supplying SO much light.  Did I mention that it can also be easily dimmed down by the touch of a button?

Above and below, you can see the two “goal” ideas that my twelve year old had in mind for our new Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp.  I have to admit, as a kid, that would be pretty cool, but as the parent, the lamp is best used for lighting purposes!

Describe the coolest lamp that you’ve ever seen.  Can you find one like it on

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