Why A Clean House Is Important

Why A Clean House Is Important

Your home should always be a comfort zone or a place of refuge for you and your family. You set the air in your home, the temperature, the design, and the decor to make it a place of relaxation. You also strive to have a safe place for you and the ones you love. In fact, after a hard day at work, there’s nothing like home. You can watch your favorites movie with the kids, kick your shoes off to put your feet up, and even spend the day resting in your custom bed. However, keeping your house clean is just as important, but did you know a clean house doesn’t promise to rid you of pests?

What Brings Pests To Your Home

All it takes is a visitor to transfer unwanted pest to your home. You can carry bed bugs from a vacation to your house too. Bed bugs hide out on your clothes, luggage, or on a person and quickly migrate to your residence. Unfortunately, no home is completely safe from a bed bug infestation. The popular Moxie Pest Control in Nashville, TN experts know how to use safe measures to remove unwanted pests from your house fast.

Cleaning your home is another important tool to keep pests at a minimum. Small children can create a lot of spills around the home which can attract pests. Small children can’t clean up behind themselves which leaves a spill for you to clean up. If you don’t clean up behind your little ones spilled drinks, this can be a breeding ground for ants and cockroaches. Ants can be a nuisance, and cockroaches can be a health hazard to your home occupants. A juice spill here or a few crumbs there may not seem like much, but it’s a full course meal for unwanted pests.

How To Cleanup Spills And Keep Your House Clean

  1. Keep Your Dishes Clean

You should always keep dirty dishes clean. Leaving dirty dishes overnight can invite pests in your home. When you wash your dishes, be sure to dry them, and always put your dishes away. Store your dry dishes in a dish strainer, dishwasher, or cabinet. Furthermore, take extra care to make sure you’re utensils are clean.

  1. Sweep And Mop

Always be sure to sweep and mop to avoid crumbs. Crumbs can harbor in your carpet, spills can collect on your hardwood and attract bugs. Set a routine to sweep and mop your home. For example, if you want your carpet and floors clean everyday, designate the chore to different people in your home. However, if you live alone, you can sweep and vacuum a few times a week.

  1. Seal Containers And Bags Tightly

Store your food away in airtight containers. The best storage container for your food is glass and plastic. This is especially true for flour, sugar, and pet food. Plus, you should keep the outside of the containers clean at all times which allows you to keep pests at bay. Any full service pest control experts that you speak to near you will tell you this is the main culprit in the beginning. By leaving messy bags around and the smell of food in the air outside your home you invite pests to come sniffing and entice them to look for more. At this point they stop at nothing in order to get inside your warm home full of bits of food to snack on.

How Pests Dare To Enter Your Home

Pests love to enter your home through poorly sealed doors. It’s very important to have weather strip around your door to avoid outside pests from coming indoors. Unfortunately, even the smallest cracks can be an entryway for pests. You can also re-caulk the areas around your door frame to keep pests out. The same is true for your window seal or cracks in your window. Your attic is subject to bigger pests like rats, mice, and raccoons. They may burrow in your roof on their own, come through the chimney, or find missing roof shingles to get into your home.

An overgrown lawn with trash and debris can create a breeding ground for pests. You should always keep a well-kept lawn and store your trash in sealed containers. If you recycle material, you should also keep your biodegrade material in a stored container. You can also hire a landscaper to help you keep your lawn and shrubbery in good condition. You also have to keep falling leaves raked up to avoid pests. Change the water in your birdbath every two weeks because this can attract mosquitoes.

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