Who Mows Your Yard?

It’s that time again in Texas, time to mow that lawn! We’re starting the year off with a brand new mower. I enjoy being outside and like to keep my lawn looking nice. See Zeeva in the background, she’s not too sure about the mower. She says it’s awfully loud and is a little scary, but since she runs faster than it does, she’s good……LOL!

My youngest son is 14 and he is an ace at the mowing. You don’t see many people mowing their laws anymore in our area. Most lawns are maintained by lawn companies. Lawn mowing is a great thing to teach your children once they are old enough. I had a neighbor in her forties that said she had never mown before and had no idea of how to work the mower. She said that as a child, her dad always mowed. I am sure that her husband knows how to work that mower, but for their family, it’s always a lawn mowing company.

Who mows your lawn? If old enough, does your child know how to operate a mower? Mowing lawns is an excellent way for your child to make some extra money for the summer!

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