5StarTool.com Gardenjoy Expandable Hose Review

I was given this product from 5StarTool.com in return for an honest review.

It’s Summer and there’s a lot to do if you want to stay on top of all your outside chores. For me, I love my backyard and my patio area so there’s lots to be done in order for me to truly enjoy my nights on my patio. This expandable hose is SOOOO much better than the old garden hose I had been using. My old hose would kink up if it wasn’t rolled up just right, then the kinks would have to be straightened out before I could get good water pressure, then there’s the leaks at the faucet……… Thankfully, those issues have been solved with my new 75 ft expandable hose from 5StarTool! This hose is available in 50, 75 and 100 foot.

Check it out! Does it look like 75ft????? This Gardenjoy hose is amazing, it is so light, compact and definitely does it’s job at the Munsey household! It is available in both green and black colors.

It fits perfectly on my hose reel with so much space left over. I was afraid that a 75 foot hose would just be too much for my reel, but nope, it is perfect! Above is how the Gardenjoy hose looks when not in use, then as the water flows through the hose, it expands to its’ 75 foot capacity. I just keep it on the reel and use what I need to get my various outdoors jobs done! So, when it’s on, the Gardenjoy hose touches the ground, then when I turn the water off, the hose shrinks back up to the size above – awesome! But, if 75 foot is too much or too little for your liking, this Gardenjoy expandable hose is also available in 50 and 100 foot.

On top of Star5Tool.com Gardenjoy Expandable hose’s ability to be easily maneuvered due to it’s light weight and compact form, it also comes with a great built in hose nozzle. This is awesome because hooking my sprayer nozzle up usually comes with irritation and water leaks. Now, I just turn the GardenJoy Hose’s lever on or off and it will spray either a straight streak or a wider spray as above. I like the wider spray for cleaning off my patio table and the patio area. This hose is so amazing that I put my old hose straight in the trash bin within minutes of testing this one out. Thank you so much 5StarTool.com for introducing me to such a convenient, affordable product!

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