What to do on a ‘Me Day’

Are you sitting there thinking, “when the heck do I get a ‘me day’?”, or wondering what on earth you’d do with yourself if you suddenly had no responsibilities for the day? Never fear – this article has got you covered! 

Why ‘Me Time’ is Important

Let’s be straight here: being a mommy is hard work. There are a LOT of demands on your time and energy – from the constant running around to the endless emotional labor involved in keeping your family on an even keel. 

No matter how much you love your kids and want to make them happy, at some point, it’s important to turn all that off and give yourself a break. 

How to Make the Most of Your ‘Me Day’.

Fortunately, with a bit of planning ahead, you can whip up a plan that will keep you busy and happy without feeling like a chore.

Here are five suggestions of things to do on your ‘me day’.

Go for a Relaxing Massage

Maybe you’ve got some knots of tension built up in your shoulders that could do with being worked out, or maybe you just fancy some peaceful time to sit and chill out. 

Either way, finding a qualified massage therapist is easy in the 21st century – whether it is via an online search or asking around, there’s no excuse to miss out on a good rubdown!

Most therapists will also offer other services and list them on their websites; heavenandearthmassage.co.uk is a great example of a massage therapist that offers bespoke extras.

Get Your Nails Done

Whether you’re more of a pedicure kind of girl when you treat yourself to pampering, or you prefer your fingernails to be cleaned up and pretty, getting your nails done is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. 

Get out of the house, relax, chat with the beautician and treat yourself to some fancy nail art at the same time!

Visit a Library

A lot of people don’t realize that libraries are great places to go on a ‘me day’. They’re quiet, you can browse at your own pace, and there’s a lot of space – in fact, some libraries have dedicated space just for “me time”. 

If you’ve got no particular book in mind that you need to borrow, most libraries will stock books that are relevant to what is going on in people’s lives at the moment. 

Take Yourself for Coffee

You don’t actually need to go out of the house to have an hour courtesy of your “me day”. 

Instead, you could put some music on and make yourself a nice big pot of coffee (or tea if you’re more into that) and just sit down in a quiet spot for an hour or so. Making yourself a nice fresh brewed coffee, having your favourite snack and sitting down to solve ravensburger jigsaw puzzles of your choice can be a relaxing way to stimulate your brain whilst getting some well earned peace and quiet.

Have a Long Warm Bath

Some people find baths relaxing; others find them boring. 
If you’re a fan of long, hot baths, then treat yourself to one on a “me day” – there’s nothing more enjoyable than soaking in warm water with a good book, a glass of wine, a whole bunch of scented candles, or whatever else your heart desires!

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