5StarTool.com Electric String Trimmer Review

I was super excited about reviewing the GardenJoy 12V Li-ion Electric String Trimmer from 5StarTool.com because my yard is in SUPER need of a weed eater! I mow my own yard and am an ace at the mower, but I have to say that I am far from a weed eater master…..LOL!

This product was shipped to me in a small box. I was expecting something much larger and couldn’t believe that the package was capable of holding the GardenJoy 12V Li-ion Electric String Trimmer. To my surprise, I opened the box and there it was, a direction booklet and pieces ready for assembly. My son and I sat on the backporch and put this together.

It came with a rechargeable battery so, we charged up the battery so we could test this out. This string trimmer would be PERFECT for kids learning to weedeat due to it’s size, light weight and ease of use!

It’s also great for me! Who wants to have to strap on a heavy weedeater when this light weight one will do the trick…..NOT ME! My yard is so small and the batter lasted throughout my yard work.

The blade inserts are so easy to change out but make sure you keep the tool so you can easily take the nut off and on when it’s time to change them out. Ask me how I know this…..LOL, because I must have thrown out the tool with the box, but luckily I have a few tools around that will do the trick.

Above is a picture of the blade after I used it for the first day. KEEP in MIND that I am not an ace at this and I hit the bricks on the house and the concrete and the landscaping rocks MORE than just a few times…LOL! These replaceable blades are also so great, because I don’t know how to properly string the gas powered weedeaters we always had, just too much to deal with when you are hot and ready to be done with the yardwork!

My yard thanks you SO much 5StarTool.com, for giving me the chance to test out your GardenJoy 12V Li-ion Electric String Trimmer and GardenJoy expandable garden hose.

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