Facilities You Need at Your Wedding Reception

Image Courtesy of The Wedding Shoppe

Sometimes your wedding reception venue is only as good as its facilities, which is why when looking into your chosen wedding venue, it is important that you are able to look past what your dream venue looks like for a moment and consider the features and facilities you want and need it to have to make your dream day a big success. 

This piece will discuss some facilities you should consider when looking for your dream venue to make sure your big day goes as smoothly as possible!

Adequate Toilets 

Needing to go to the toilet and there being a queue not only means you miss out on all the fun while you are waiting, but it can also be a pain – literally. You will want to make sure your venue has adequate toilet capacity so your guests can go with ease, and you, of course! If you have a large number of guests joining you for the after-party, then this needs to be more of a priority than if you are having a small wedding.

Most venues that are set up for weddings and conferences have already considered their maximum capacity to cater for, so it is less of a concern if you are going to choose somewhere that is a regular wedding reception facility, but if you are opting for something niche or outside, this is something that will have to be sorted out.

Car Parking 

Parking can often be missed off the crucial facility list, as the newlyweds and their close family and friends often hire transport and stay on-site overnight. Depending on how many guests are traveling up separately, there will need to be an ample amount of parking. It is worth speaking to your friends and family and encouraging them to car share if your venue is particularly small or has limited parking, especially if the venue is still operating in usual hours as a hotel or restaurant. 

Space and License for Live Music 

For those who love their live music and bands, there is a good chance you will want to have your very own at your wedding reception. When choosing your wedding venue, it is important to make sure that you are able to have live music and that they have the capacity, electricity, and license to host. 

Sometimes live bands and music need to be held outside due to space, so if the venue offers a marquee, make sure it is heated and has any other additional requirements that you would like to keep yourself and your guests comfortable.

Comfortable Reception Areas

When things get a little too noisy, or you really want to catch up with an old friend you have not seen for a long time, it is great to have a couple of areas separate from the ‘main event’ room so people can decompress and have a little quiet time. Check to see if your venue has these areas near to your reception room and if there are any other beneficial features such as a games room or stunning gardens for a breath of fresh air. 

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