Review: Give A MANSCAPED Christmas!

Make it a MANSCAPED Christmas this year!

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I really wanted to review these MANSCAPED products after seeing their ads so often on my social media feeds. I also was very interested in learning more about these products after hearing my 15 year old son and his friends talking about them. I mentioned this to the mother of one of my friend’s sons and she said she had 4 boys, all of which had their own MANSCAPER and yes it was time for my son to own one too! The above MANSCAPED package is the Performance Package 4.0.

The marketing for the company is wonderful as it is DEFINITELY going to bring smiles to anyone that opens this box! It had me laughing as soon as I opened the box. It is such a wonderful gift! It’s the equivalent as giving a new purse to a female. In this day and age, I believe guys would simply love this package. It is a personal gift, so depending on who will be opening presents with you around the tree at Christmas time, you may want to give this gift before the grandparents, etc arrive.

Did I mention that they have a 30 day money back guarantee? This MANSCAPED package just keeps getting better! A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is great because you know up front that MANSCAPED stands behind their products and has excellent customer service for their customers.

Check this out! If this MANSCAPED Box wasn’t excitement enough, I found even more in the box when I took out the plastic tray. There was an awesome MANSCAPED travel kit and a hilarious MANSCAPED Daily Newspaper along with a “Let’s Get Mowin” quick start guide. The Daily Newspaper is a wonderful, disposable shaving mat! How creative is that?

Check out this awesome package! It even comes with a pair of MANSCAPED boxers, how fun! The razor has a charger cord and a charger box, razor guards, a comb to clean the razor and a bottle of Preserver and Reviver.

See the light above? I think besides the ease of use, this light on his Lawn Mower is his favorite feature besides its’ being waterproof. He went into a dark room to test the power of his MANSCAPED Lawn Mower Razor light as soon as it what out of the package. What a great addition to a wonderful tool!

Meet the Weed Whacker! It’s an excellent cordless electric nose and hair trimmer. It’s even waterproof! It also comes with a charging cord and charging box. The head is replaceable and it has a 360 degree rotary stainless steel blade system.

It has a soft, comfortable grip and is super easy to use. This is definitely a product for my dad. He hates his current nose trimmers and complains about how it “smarts” a little as it pulls on his nose hairs. No fear Dad, Manscaped has a SkinSafe Technology which will protect against nicks, snags and tugs! After reviewing MANSCAPED products, I can attest to their high quality. Now I see what all the hype is about, it’s definitely a brand that will stay up to date in our household. Thank you MANSCAPED!

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