From College Graduation To Apartment

Travis is now an official Texas A&M graduate! How quickly time flies by! His brother Bobby will be grading from high school before I know it. Now that graduation has passed, it’s time to move onto his new job in Houston!

We’ve already found an apartment and the application process is now finished, now for the move! This is a very exciting but hectic time in his life and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. The apartment hunt was fun, some were great, while others looked so bad from the outside that we decided that it was best to cancel our walk through and keep looking. Thinking about your child moving out on his own, can be scary so it helps if you feel totally confident about the area and apartment complex they will be moving into.

Here’s a shot from the back, lol! Don’t you love the pictures where no one knows that they are being caught on camera? Moving into a new apartment is going to require a huge search for tons of items to make his new apartment feel like home. But first thing first, we have to find utility and internet providers which happens to be my forte’. Currently I use Energy Ogre to shop for the best rates on electricity. I have used them for two years now and am super happy with my low electricity bills so Energy Ogre, here we come!

As for the internet, we’re keeping bills low and sticking to Netflix and Hulu for now. Currently I use AT&T Fiber and was so excited to see that Travis’ apartment complex has AT&T Fiber in there area! I have used this service for two years and have gotten great rates and even better customer service.

Since he will be using lots of gas for his new job, of course I also have him signing up for Upside! This app is free and even offers cash back on restaurants in your area. Then, with every receipt that he gets, for any purchase that he makes, he needs to load that onto the Fetch app. This app gives points for each receipt you load onto it then points can be cashed out for gift cards. I’ve already cashed out my points for a few Amazon gift cards, so I am definitely a fan!

After we get all this set up, the hard work begins: moving everything from College to his new apartment then his new job begins. Wish us luck, we’re making plans and dreaming about the future!

Have you moved lately? Do you have a few tips for Travis on his new adventure?

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